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Robber inventory, targeted use of action

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The Landlord
      In the game, there are new changes in the robbers on the Fabrella continent. These new changes have also affected the players' access to resources in this game, so they want to play in the early game. If you are developing your country quickly, you need to know the  the robber! Come check it out!

1, the robbers campThe robber camp is quite different from the previous version. The first thing is that the logo in the world map becomes more conspicuous. It is an icon of an ordinary stockade, and the change of the repelling reward, the reward becomes more abundant, among which The materials of the skill book and the attendant tokens are very good, so the number of rewards per day is recommended for everyone to finish!

2, pirateOne of the ordinary robbers can be attacked without team formation. The experience and experience of the lords are relatively small. The name associated with the name is the repelling reward, and the mysterious package of random quality can be obtained. The mysterious package can be strangely opened. Strange things, so the little friends who like to try their luck can consider repelling the pirates!

3. Armed rebelsThe second type of ordinary robber, the lord experience is as little as the faction experience, but the repelling reward becomes a material called fine steel piece. Don't underestimate this fine steel piece. This is the material necessary to improve the level of the leader's equipment. So, if you want to build a set of high-level lord equipment, you must use a lot of action to care for the armed rebels!

4, time thiefThe third type of ordinary robber is still relevant to the name. It is mainly to repel the special reward. The reward is the acceleration props for construction and research. In the early low time, the thief can get only one minute of acceleration. Try not to spend your mobility on it in the early stage, because it takes four seconds to remove debris to get such an item!

5, scattered robbersOr a normal type of robber, although the repelled lord and faction experience is no different from the first three types of robbers, but the rewards for repelling rewards are different. Repelling scattered robbers can gain experience potions, whether they are lords or attendants. Can be used, so in the early stage of the need for fast upgrade players, it is best to put the action on such robbers!Ok, the above is the wonderful content brought to you today, welcome to comment below!


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