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How should the lord upgrade quickly?

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The Landlord
      The lord is fighting at the forefront in the game war, the first to beat her, the most advanced attack is her, so the strength of the players' lords is crucial for every war, enhance the strength of a lord. The most straightforward way is to upgrade the lord level directly, in addition to creating a very good lord equipment, so how can the lord upgrade quickly ? Come check it out!

1.Repel the robbers to get rewards
      The most direct way for the lord to gain the experience of the lord is to participate in repelling the various robbers on the Fabrella continent. The experience of the lords of the ordinary robbers will be less, and the robbers of the same level will be twice as common!

2. Indirect robber acquisition
      The common robbers are divided into four types, which are scattered robbers, pirates, armed rebels and time thieves. Although the experience of repelling their lords is the same, the rewards are different. Repel the scattered robbers to get the experience potion. For the attendants and the lord, you can increase the experience value after use. If you want to upgrade quickly, it is recommended that the player defeat the scattered robbers first!

3. Get rewards through natural gifts
      In the natural gift activities in the game, as long as the corresponding specified conditions are completed, a large amount of experience potion can be obtained, which is very helpful for the quick upgrade of the lord!

4. Daily task
      In the daily task, as long as the activity is enough, the experience potion obtained is very much, and it is still a higher level of brass experience potion, the added experience is ten times that of bronze! So the daily task must not be missed!

5. Daily special gift
      The Daily Super Pack has an affordable experience potion package. By purchasing, you can quickly increase the player's level. This is also a way to compare gold, but you can't deny it!
      Ok, I don’t know if the buddy’s quick upgrade of the game has learned? There are more fun suggestions, welcome to comment below!


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