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War preparations that must be made before the conflict between players breaks...

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The Landlord
      In this war-torn game, in addition to the war with the various NPCs in the world, the most intense is the war between players, whether for resources or territory, if there is no preparation in advance when the war breaks out, then It is very disadvantageous, so what is brought to you today is the war preparation that must be done before the conflict between players! Come check it out!

1. Hoarding of equipment
      If there is no equipment in the war, then it is not to be beaten, so it is recommended that players hoard a large amount of equipment in advance when preparing for the outbreak of conflict, preferably different equipment, so that in the case of different formations against the enemy Can change their arms in time to deal with.

2. Population preparation
      The most costly war is the population. A war, whether it is defensive or offensive, is a confrontation between blood and flesh. It is useless to have enough equipment without a population. Therefore, there is a large population as a support, and it is a war of attrition. The minimum requirement, it is not recommended that players do not apply their own idle population, but recommend that players hoard more of the recruitment order, because the recruitment order is easier to deal with the urgent needs of the population!

3. Power reserve
      Driving power is a very important consumption attribute in the game. Military combat, detection, coordination, team formation, and many other game operations require the use of action points. Therefore, if you have an army and no action, you cannot give the enemy. Strike, can only be passively beaten, so the action force consumption props must be saved, before the conflict breaks out, it is best to wait for the action to fill up, then one
Drums to fight the enemy!

4.gather your friends
      As the saying goes, you can try not to single-handedly. If you gather your own friends before the battle, you can make the victory of the war fall to yourself. Even if the enemy has a small partner, it doesn't matter, because we have accumulated a lot in the first three points. The materials, three people can be tossed opponents even if they are consumed!

5. Retreat items
      When the war is about to break out, it is best to leave a trail for yourself, because you don’t know what kind of enemy you will face during the war. At this time, passive beating is not what we want. If the enemy is in a strong position, we may wish to take a step back and develop well. Have the opportunity to come back! Ok, the above is the wonderful content that is brought to you today. There are more fun suggestions to welcome comments!


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