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Strategy of different arms

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The Landlord
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      The different formations of the city walls are crucial for the defense of the castle, but the defensive formation of the arms is also a non-negligible part. Many players will only defend the long-range soldiers on the wall, and others will put them under the wall, which is very wasteful of the special types of the branches. Sex, so the defense strength is greatly reduced! So what I bring to you today is the defensive formation strategy of different arms! Come and check it out!

1. Military centralized defense formation
      The pikemen are the least-armed units among the melee soldiers, and they are also the most basic units. Although the attribute values are generally the same, the advantage lies in the large number of them. In the defensive battle, the melee pikemen in the front row are more arranged. It plays the role of meat grinder. The rear row is mainly used to keep up with the two teams of cavalry for cutting and rushing. The main archer is surrounded by long-term archers as a means of protection. Generally speaking, this is a popular formation!

2. taunt & quickly attacking enemy's weak point formation
      The shields arranged in the front row are mainly to attract the firepower and hatred of the previous enemy. The large number of cavalry arranged in the back row is mainly intended to enable the enemy's attention to be eliminated in the shield. The remote unit, when the enemy's remaining army reaches the wall, has no ability to threaten the archers on the wall, which increases the chances of defensive success!

3. Induction & Long Range Firepower Formation
      It is mainly used by the melee soldiers as bait, and then induces the enemy to give priority to attacking our melee soldiers, and then there are long-range soldiers with very good offensive space to output. At this time, it is better for the melee soldiers to use the shield guards because they The taunting feature is very hateful. If the shield is not enough, then choose the pikemen and the cavalry again!

4. Pure fire array
      The output of this type of service is all relying on a large number of long-range soldiers to pile up damage. In order to pursue the explosion of damage, it is best to recommend to choose the armor as much as possible, because the chance crit is the damage that even the shield is difficult to resist, but this kind of damage The shortcoming of the formation is that the long-range soldiers do not have the ability to resist damage, so they can only be protected by layers of fortresses! Once the wall is broken, it is a moment to be wiped out!

      Well, the above is the tactical defense strategy of different arms brought to you today. If you learn, just go to the game and try it! Any ideas, welcome to leave a message to discuss ~


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