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Factional production-style gameplay

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The Landlord
      In Legend Rising Empire, the faction selection of the castle is a major feature of the game. The development direction of different factions is different, so each faction has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the self-sufficient small-scale peasant economy is always eliminated, so the factory The factional style of play is extraordinarily strong, so take a look at this technique!

      First of all, there must be a partner to carry out the factional production-style play of the faction, because this can make the single-player become flexible, and requires a large number of players to carry out the rapid development of the group. So having the same alliance is crucial!

      For the  building construction sharing, we can carry out targeted construction for the same building, such as weapons construction, we use all the construction quantities in the construction of the bow workshop, then we can have sufficient raw materials When you can, you can quickly produce bow and arrow weapons! This approach is suitable for war factions in the same league, because of the faction, war factions can build more weapons buildings!

      There are four kinds of industrial materials, so the players of the industrial faction are most suitable for such a specific production, so if you want to use the exclusive production game in the league, you should ensure that most players choose the industrial faction!

      We can make the corresponding land purchase for the same material, and with the map resources, we can build the same type of raw material production building and processing buildings! This way you can get a lot of the same type of material!

      The economic faction is not suitable for such a specific production game, because the market is special, the richer the food can also add to the output of the silver krona, so the economic faction still needs uniform output is the best development!

      Finally through the caravan, or internal war plunder to consume the excess of the same type of materials, to achieve internal digestion, so that the materials obtained are faster and more! So if it develops rapidly, then such an alliance will be very strong!

      Well, the above is the faction-specific production-style gameplay strategy for everyone, there are more suggestions, welcome to comment below!


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