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Production chain strategy

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The Landlord
      In Legend:Rising Empire, there are a lot of kinds of materials, each material has a certain role in the game, but a lot of materials make the players a big headache, because it is very rare to evenly use these materials, so today I Brought  everyone the production chain summary strategy, I hope it can help everyone!

1.Building category and resource flow
      First of all, our production chain is composed of a large number of buildings. There are five categories of buildings, namely municipal, economic, industrial, weapons and military. In these five categories of buildings, many related buildings are linked together. In the production chain, our resources are mainly through the collection of raw materials, then to the production resources, and finally the resources can be used in the three steps. The difference from the ordinary strategy game is that the production of building buildings directly produces resources and directly uses resources, which is even more Strategic!

2. the resource category and end use description
      There are a lot of resources in the game, but in the end it is only divided into three resource categories, one is economic resources, mainly including various kinds of crop raw materials and various foods made from raw materials, and the second is Industrial resources, mainly including wood, stone, fur metal and other raw materials, as well as various types of products made of raw materials, the third is military resources, and industrial materials, wood, stone, fur metal, etc. Raw materials are also military resources. Apart from these, there are all kinds of weapons made of raw materials. The end uses of these three resource types are different. For economic resources, the ultimate use is to earn. A large number of silver krona, while the end use of industrial materials is to upgrade buildings or build buildings, while the military class is used to build a strong army.

1、Economic production chain
      Taking an economic production chain as an example, economic resources produce crops through farmland to obtain the original raw materials, and then through the bakery to produce finished bread. Finally, the purpose of the bread is to obtain the silver krona by selling taxes through market sales! This is the whole process of completing a production chain! The economic production chain can be mainly expressed as:
Farmland → Producing crops → Bakery → Producing bread → Market sale → Get silver krona
Plantation→Production of Fruit→Brewery→Production of Wine→Market Sale→Get Silver Krona
Livestock farm → production of livestock products → delicatessen workshop → production of cooked food → market sale → get silver krona

2、Industrial production chain
      The same is an industrial production chain. The industrial resources are used to produce the original raw wood from the original logging house, and then the finished building materials are produced by the wood processing plant. Finally, the use of the finished wood products is realized, and the buildings are upgraded or built. building. The main expressions of the industrial production chain are: Logging House→Collecting Wood→Wood Processing Plant→Production Building Boards→Upgrading or Building Construction
Quarry→Collecting stone→Stone brick processing factory→Production building stone brick→Upgrading or building construction
Hunting cabin → collecting leather → leather processing factory → producing building materials leather rope → upgrading or building construction
Mining site → collecting ore → hardware processing factory → producing building materials hardware → upgrading or building construction

3、Military production chain
      Military resources and industrial resources share raw materials. For example, raw materials are produced by logging houses, and then produced by bow-and-mortar workshops to produce bow and arrow weapons. Finally, military resources are used in training to train bows and arrows. hand! There are many production chains in the military category, mainly expressed as: Logging House → Collecting Wood → Bowing Workshop → Producing Weapon Bows and Arrows → Training Archers
Quarry → Collecting Stones → Spear Workshop → Producing Weapon Spears → Training Pikemen
Logging house→collecting
wood→arms workshop→production of weapon axles→manufacturing
machinery unit: siege car and catapult Quarry → Collecting Stones → Boom Workshop → Producing Weapon Axles → Making Machinery
Units: Siege Cars and Catapults Hunting Lodge → Collecting Leather → Sneak Tooling Workshop → Producing Weapon Rucksacks → Training Stalkers
Hunting Hut→Collect Leather→Magic Workshop→Production Robbery】Training Holomaster
Mining site → collecting ore → horse workshop → producing weapons and harnesses → training heavy cavalry
Mining site → collecting ore → armor workshop → producing weapons armor → training shield

      Three types of resources, three production chains, and corresponding directions have their own raw material building and production buildings and the way to finally realize the use of materials, so as long as the players understand these, then the game will understand the power and disputes. Very deep, with supplies, who would be afraid of game development problems? That’s above is the production chain summary strategy for everyone today, If you have more fun suggestions, welcome to comment below!


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