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Introduction of the lord equipment

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The Landlord
      In the game, the lord equipment has always been a measure of the overall strength of a player. The lord equipment can carry out a high bonus on all aspects of the game, so how to build the lord equipment has always been a topic that players are keen on, so take a look at the master equipment introduction!

1.Advantages and disadvantages of the lord equipment
      All the lord equipment basic attribute bonuses are very low at first, and very single, only the attributes of the lord and the legion, but this can not be said that the lord equipment is a chicken rib, because the system update of the equipment Make the bonus of the lord equipment higher after molding!

2.How to get the lord equipment
      First of all, if you want to build equipment, you need to equip forged materials. There are two ways to obtain them. You can directly obtain them by challenging the robbers of all levels or by reorganizing the pieces of equipment and materials!

3. How to advanced equipment
      The lord is equipped with eight sets, which are divided into eight stages of equipment, the higher the higher the equipment bonus, and each set of equipment has its own unique and beautiful appearance! The initial equipment is the lowest-level morning suit, which can be advanced to high-end equipment through low-level equipment and advanced materials!

4.How to upgrade lord equipment
      If you want to get a higher bonus from the lord's equipment, you can choose to upgrade the equipment with silver krona and steel slabs. Each upgrade can increase the base bonus of the equipment! The highest level of equipment is limited to 100! With the upgrade, the required steel sheet will be more and more, the equipment level will not change after the equipment is advanced, but the value of each level of the addition attribute is more, after the advanced will automatically supplement the existing level of attribute growth difference !

5.How to attach attributes to the equipment
      Players can get more equipment attached attributes through refining equipment! By consuming the forging furnace fuel purchased in the game mall, you can refine 1-5 random types of additive properties each time. There are various additive properties, so it is still necessary to look at luck in the refining process, and refined properties. It will also increase the value with the upgrade and advancement of the equipment!

      When you encounter a higher bonus attribute or a better add attribute, you have to make a trade-off. In general, the more new attributes, the better, unless it is the kind of attribute, but the addition effect is not significant and the attribute is not very good. I need to give up, and remember that the new property will only take effect after confirming the replacement property. This will often result in someone getting a good bonus at random but forgetting the replacement property!
      Well, the above is the Lord's equipment skills tips for everyone, If you got any suggestions, welcome to comment below!


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