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How to quickly obtain the Servant skills book

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The Landlord
      In Legend Rising Empire, the access conditions of the attendant are difficult, and the effect of the attendant skills are very powerful, so how to quickly obtain the attendant skills book? ? Come and check it out!

1. Skill book residual page exchange
      The skill book residual page redemption is randomly exchanged for the skill book by accumulating the skill book residual page. The more advanced skill book is required, the more the skill book has the residual page. By decomposing the unnecessary skill book, it is also possible to quickly obtain the residual page to redeem the new one. Skill Book!  

2.Treasure hunt
      You can participate in treasure hunt by using the mysterious family map props. The treasure hunt reward is very rich, including a large number of finished skill books and various skill book fragments. Each treasure hunt can get one of the treasure hunt rewards, so you want Get the skill book quickly, this is the most exciting choice!

3.Natural gift
      The initial activities of the game are natural gifts. You can get points by completing the specified tasks every day. When the skills meet certain requirements, you can get a sharp edge - pikemen skills book! So for the friends who want the skill book, this event must not be missed!

4.Daily king mission
      In the daily king task in the game, you can get the activity by completing the specified conditions, and you can get the corresponding reward by raising the activity to the corresponding value. You can receive the skills book after the task activity reaches 70, so KEPP COMPLETE FAILY KING MISSION!

5.The gift of the king
      In the game, as long as you quickly improve your overall strength, you can get the king's rich rewards, participate in the overall service comprehensive strength rankings can get a wealth of skills book residual pages, so as long as you work hard to improve the strength you can quickly get the skills book!

6.Challenge the robber camp
      As long as you fight off the bandit camp with your friends, you will have the opportunity to get the tokens, equipment and skills books. The more advanced the robbers, the higher the rewards of repelling! If you want to get a skill book, learn to go to the game and try it! There are more fun suggestions, welcome to comment below!


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