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City gate with formation strategy

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The Landlord
      In the Legend Rising Empire, many people think how to construct a solid fortress, that is what the city wall needs to do, but in fact, the game can build a relatively large number of gates is also very high endurance, the position of the city gate From the city wall, you need to pay attention to it, so today we are bringing the city gate with the formation strategy to everyone, let's take a look!   

      The same level of gates have the same durability as the city walls, but the gates have characteristics that the walls do not have. As shown in the above figure, in the closed wall structure, the gates must be connected, so the players How many gates need to be closed as we want to wrap the main castle a few more laps! But the role of the city gate is not only the case, the city gate can also match the formation!

1.the city gate with multi-layer defense formation
      This type of formation pays attention to the very multi-layered walls and the city gate as a defense mechanism. No matter where the enemy is attacked, it can effectively defend the enemy's attack evenly, so this is also the defensive formation that most people choose.

2. City gate with spiral array defense formation
      Since the spiral formation also requires a large number of city walls as the basis for the extension of the battle line, it is often the case that the city wall is not enough and the battle line is not long enough. At this time, as long as the city gate is extended, one city wall can be used for the top two walls. Let the spiral formation be bigger!

3. Single-sided multi-layered gate formation
      This type of formation is very highly targeted, because the characteristics of the city wall can make multiple walls together. This kind of defensive formation is not comparable to the two-walled wall. Because the distance is compact, a large number of enemy forces can be made. Staying outside the gate for a long time, so that we can output a lot of damage in time!

4.City wall side formation
      The advantage of arranging the city wall is that there can be a lot of space near the wall, so the player can arrange a large number of soldiers. When the gate is broken, a large number of soldiers will emerge, thus eliminating the already consumed. Almost enemy army! The above is the wonderful content for everyone, there are more suggestions, welcome to comment below!


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