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Earn Silver Crown Easily - How to Trade

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The Landlord
      In the game, the players are usually looking to collect as much materials and silver crown as possible. The former one is for upgrading buildings and construction, and the later one is for training troops to fight your battles, both of them are indispensable. During daily gameplay, how do you get materials and sliver crowns as soon as possible? It is difficult to receive by normal activities in the game, this tutorial will tell you the best methods to obtain them.

      On the castle map, except the coordinates for castles and bandits, cities that can be traded with also will also appear on the map. But, few players will notice these small details. When the player opens the trade info screen, there will be triangle symbols shown on a small map to indicate the location of cities that can be traded with.

      After taping the trade button, players can see the ‘Resources Sold’ and ‘Resources Purchased’ buttons. You can select either one according to your needs. For example, if the goods you need are in the ‘Resources Sold’, you can spend a certain amount of silver crowns to buy them; if you have the goods in ‘Resources Purchased’, you can sell those goods according to your economic situation.

      If players want to become a master trader, it is important to have the necessary buildings to improve trade. The initial trade center only has three product slots for ‘Resources Sold’ and ‘Resources Purchased’ respectively. Players can increase free slots of both ‘Resources Sold’ and ‘Resources Purchased’ by upgrading the trade center, which is recommended early on.

      The players who obtained silver crowns will pay a certain amount of tax in each transaction. The higher the level of the trade center; the lower the tax becomes per transaction, and more free slots will open for products to be traded.

      In each transaction, players will know the price and quantity of the goods. Generally speaking, the higher the level of the goods, the higher the price of selling/purchasing is. Players are recommended to shop around to look for the ideal prices (such as selling and purchasing large number of goods), so trade profit can be maximized.

      In addition to the trade center, the trade station also plays a vital role in trade. When players are purchasing goods, the caravan capability depends on how many players can buy at a time. The trade station become very important when players have to buy something that is somewhat rare.

      How to trade is the key to easily earning more silver crowns. We can make the conclusions as follows: first, the level of trade can make other players have more options to purchase; second, improving the capability of the caravan to let you purchase more goods; third, trade with other players in the game, according to their needs, and it can be beneficial to both players.

      This is all for the introduction of how to trade and earn money in the game, more information can be found from the official forum of ‘Glory of Empire’.


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