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Introduction of Lord - Know Your Lord

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The Landlord
      As the leader of the war efforts, the lord plays a very powerful role in the game. Players almost always focus on upgrading buildings and their military in the beginning of the game; hence, the lord is often ignored. This time let me introduce the importance of this unit in the game.

Title System

      The title system is the symbol of the players’ power. Players can obtain better sign-in rewards according to different titles. In addition, when players reach a certain title, it can unlock certain functions such as setting a custom color for chat messages, changing profile photo, etc.

      The title is categorized into five types: Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis and Duke, and the promotion of each title has 9 levels, higher levels grant better rewards.
Talent System

      Upgrading buildings, waging a war, or eliminating bandits can promote the level of the lord. Except for promoting the level of the title, players also can use talent point to increase your strength within the game, which can help you immensely in ‘Glory of Empire’.

      There are two types of talents, Economy and Military. You can learn both talents together. However, for the same type of talent, players needs to complete all the levels of the previous talent to start a new one (learning talents require talent point, each level of a talent will cost 1 talent point)

Equipment System

      Before tapping into the lord interface, make sure to check out the Equipment system. Not only can forging equipment improve the lord’s own strength, but also can help enhance and improve your economy and military, according to the different equipment sets.

      Equipment forging is not just used to obtain new equipment. Equipment also can be upgraded. Each upgrade will enhance the corresponding buffs of the equipment, the more levels it is upgraded, the stronger the corresponding buffs become.

Alliance System

      In the lord’s profile, players can check which alliance they belong to by taping the profile photo. In the alliance interface, players can check detailed information on alliance members; along with shortcuts to technology, alliance mall, gift etc.

      Players can obtain alliance bonuses from technology, purchase special items from the alliance mall, and receive gifts from allies. Also, players can earn alliance coins by assisting allies, which can be used in the alliance mall.


      In the details section of the lord interface (shown in figure 6), players can check stats about your lord, which include battle statistics, economic enhancement, resources enhancement, trade enhancement, equipment enhancement, army enhancement, and more.

      Players can evaluate the ability of the lord by this information and evaluable their abilities for each battle, which of course will help you become a more seasoned player.

Lord HP

      There is a bar icon under the lord’s avatar, it doesn’t represent the experience of the lord but the current HP of the lord. If your lord gets injured in battle, you need to spend some silver crowns to restore the HP, in order to prepare the next battle.

      That is all for the introduction of the lord, for more information you can check the NetEase official forum for ‘Glory of Empire’.


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