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How to Eliminate Bandits

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The Landlord
      Except for building players’ own power, attacking and eliminating bandits on the map became one of the things players must do daily to progress. The question is, what kinds of rewards players can obtain by eliminating bandits? Let’s go into some details below.

      As we know, in addition to the players’ castle in the map, there are some black spots in the map where are the forces of bandits. The strength of the bandits is divided into 10 levels, which are represented as the number 1 - 10 shown on the bandits’ icons. Defeating a higher level of bandits mean more rewards.

      The players have the probability to win the rewards after beating the bandits. As the lv.1 bandit in figure 2 shows, there are a number of different rewards that can be won after defeating bandits. Generally, most players try to defeat bandits in order to obtain the building materials. After all, the items after enhancement are much stronger than the regular obtainable items.

      Player can only fight with bandits on their own. You cannot assemble your allies to fight together. In the early game, only two units can be sent by a lord, and with 10 soldiers in each unit. Players can increase the number of troops through upgrading barracks.

      When players participate in the battle of bandits, the latest battle report will be sent to your mailbox, as shown in the above figure. Players can also check the battle data through the given report.

      The battle report is very full of extensive details, such as the unit types of both sides, resources rewards after defeating enemies, troop changes after battle etc.

      If players wish to more thoroughly analyze the details of their battle, they can simply press the ‘play’ button in the red circle to replay the previous battle. This is a good way to make plans for future strategies and fix any errors made.

      In the battles with bandits, players can select auto mode or participate in the battle themselves. In auto mode, the AI will replace players to fight with bandits automatically. This mode is recommended when players’ troops are much stronger than bandits’, both sides are well-matched in strength. If not done correctly though and the bandits are much stronger, there is the risk of being defeated and extensive troop losses. Manual mode needs players to fight by themselves and try to eliminate the bandits by organizing their troops.

      If players are in a battle with much weaker bandits, just tap the unit’s icon and tap enemies’ icons to fight automatically. High-level spearman are recommended to be sent to the front row, with the lord and archers covering behind. After all, lords will lose HP when they are damaged, and it will cost silver crown to treat/heal them. Sending the lord in the front is not recommended.

      Let’s all for introduction of battle with bandits, you can check more information on the official forum for ‘Glory of Empire’!


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