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Introduction of Quests in ‘Glory of Empire’

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The Landlord
      After playing ‘Glory of Empire ’for an awhile, do you still get confused about the daily quests? Don’t worry, there is always a transition period for novices. Well, let me briefly introduce the daily quests system in this game, hope it can help you to become an expert in no time.

      The daily quests icon is in the red circle of the picture above. Players can complete two fixed quests and one triggering quest. The quests are ‘Territorial Target (growing quest)’, ‘Lord’s Quest (daily missions)’and ‘King’s Quest (triggering quest)’.

Territorial Target

      Territorial target are the quests that players need to complete in their territories. Players will obtain some items/rewards after finishing each quest. The territorial target is a growing quest, which means after a player finished lv.1 quests, the quests will be updated to lv.2. The more difficult the quest, the more rewards players will obtain.

Lord’s Quest

      Lord’s quest is a normal daily mission system. The lord’s quest is refreshed at 8 am every day. Hence, players can finish lord’s quests before 8 am of the next day. The king’s satisfaction will be affected by the completion of the Lord’s quests. When the king’s satisfaction reaches 100, the players will obtain special rewards from the king.

King’s Quests

      After players complete daily quests and improve favor of the emperor, they will receive king’s quests. The higher the favor from the emperor, the higher the probability for players to receive king’s quests, when the favor of the emperor index reaches 100, king’s quests will be activated.

      The king’s quest is released by the king himself, which can exist at the same time as the lord’s quests. It is possible to activate the king’s quests after completing lord’s quests. The activation rate depends on the index of favor with the emperor. Players need to submit goods that are required by the king within a limited time.

      There is no limit of daily king’s quest. Players can change the mission of king’s quests. After completing the quests, players can largely improve their index of prestige, and king’s satisfaction randomly.

Introduction of king’s satisfaction

      Here are the following ways to Increase the King’s Satisfaction
      1.  A small amount of satisfaction will be raised after receiving king’s quests
      2.  Completing king’s quests will randomly increase king’s satisfaction.

      How the king’s Satisfaction Decreases
      1.  King’s satisfaction diminishes over time.
      2.  The upper limit of satisfaction is 100.
      When satisfaction index reaches 100, players will receive king’s bonus box, and rewards randomly.

      Related Penalties for Low Satisfaction 
      1.  When satisfaction index reaches 0, it will activate a ‘discontent’ state of the king. At this time, players will not get any prestige rewards.
      2.  When satisfaction index drops to -100, it will activate ‘anger’ state of the king, at this time, the emperor will send his army to attack players’ city, and cause resources losses directly.
      3.  After the king attacks players, the satisfaction index will be restored to a certain value. The attack from the king is once a day maximum.
      4.  The lowest limit of satisfaction is -100.

      That’s all for daily quests, for more information you can check out the official forum for ‘Glory of Empire’!


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