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Legend: Rising Empire Recommendation for attendant skills

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Legend: Rising Empire Recommendation for attendant skills

Attendant skills are a very important part for attendants in the game. They cannot only enhance the fighting ability of the attendants, but also play a very important role in combat. There are a lot of attendant skills, but how can players choose attendant skills? This article shares with you about the recommendation for attendant skills.

Attendant skills are divided into active skills and passive skills. Active skills are the skills need to be released by the player to be effective in battles. And passive skills do not need to be operated by the player to take effect.

Justice praying
If most of the Carrying attendants have active skills, then it is recommended that players learn attendant skills-Justice praying. Powerful active attendant skills have very high attack powers on the battlefield, sometimes they can annihilating a small team directly. But if you want to exert active attendant skills better, then you will need justice praying to increase the damage! The higher the justice praying skill, the higher the bonus damage to active skills.

The city breaker
Siege warfare is also a very common war in the game. Many players will feel a real headache about the thick fortress of the enemy. Usually, they have been wiped out before reaching the position of the main castle. So, it is recommended for players to learn the attendant skill-city breaker for the siege. The skill of city breaker can increase percentage bonuses to the siege value of all our soldiers. The higher the skill of city breaker, the higher the bonus is. To break through the city gate easily is not a dream anymore having it.

The sharp blade-dragoon
The attendant skill of sharp blade-dragoon brings a very high bonus on dragoon single branch. The effect of dragoon in the field is far more than the role of other soldiers. So it is recommended that players must learn the sharp blade-dragoon to improve their cavalry role if they like to fight in the wild. The more advanced the sharp blade-dragoon attendant skill, the higher the bonus on the dragoon.

Since the attendant skills have such high bonus to the army, if the player wants to weaken the enemy's army, he must learn the skill of dispersal. The effect of dispersal is dispelling the bonus effect of 2random formation of the enemy every certain time from the beginning of the battle. It can only be triggered once in the battle. This skill is virtually a strength bonus effect against the enemy. It is recommended that players to learn this skill in any kind of combat. The more advanced the dispersal skill, the shorter the interval time will be reduced, and will affect more formations.

The above is Recommendation for attendant skills of Legend: Rising Empire, I hope this article can help you playing with the game.


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