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Tips for the Poor Players to Obtain Rewards in Favilla Competition

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Legend: Rising Empire Tips for the Poor Players to Obtain Rewards in Favilla Competition

Because of the rich rewards in Favilla competition in this game, many players are eager to participate in the competition. As for the poor players, what should they do to obtain the rewards? I’ll show you some tips in the following passage.

First of all, the number of awards in Favilla competition is determined by the amount of points the players have obtained. And there are two kinds of awards. The first kind is the stage reward, which means the rewards can be obtained by players as long as their points meet the requirements. The second kind is the ranking reward, which is only available to players who have firstly obtained the stage rewards and their points rank among the top 100. So, the higher players’ ranking is, the richer reward they will get.

Tip 1. The poor players should participate in the competition based on their own situation.
If poor players want to get rewards by obtaining points, first, they must decide whether to participate in the competition or not according to the source of points in the Favilla competition. For example, if the obtainment of the source of points in Favilla competition is to defeat the bandits, then the poor players must consider if they have enough troops and sufficient mobility. If they do, then they can take part in the competition. If not, they have to give up this chance.

Tip 2. Participate in the competition at different period of time
There are a large number of players participating in Favilla competition, therefore, it is difficult for poor players to get a ranking reward. Because each Favilla competition lasts two hours, so the poor players can participate in a different time. For example, they can take the competition when there are only a few full-service players, which means there are fewer competitors that would compete with them for the ranking rewards.

Tip 3. Choose one source of point and take that competition
In Favilla competition, there are sometimes different sources of point. For example, players can earn points by constructing buildings and researching technology. It may seem that players can easily get points with multiples source of points, actually in every stage, the reward requirement for the number of points has also increased, which it is not a good thing for the poor players. So, I would recommend players to participate in the competition with one source of point, which makes it easier to get the ranking reward.

Tip 4. Hoard speed up items or mobility
Because the competition is held every two hours, it is difficult to have a certain amount of points within two hours. So, it is recommended that the poor players can hoard speed up items or mobility as much as possible. By doing so, the award situation of lacking points would be minimized when they want to get ranking reward.

All these above are the tips on how to get rewards. Hopefully, it would be helpful to you.


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