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Are You Still Confused? Here are the Notice for players Whose Base Camp is at...

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The Landlord
Are You Still Confused? Here are the Notice for players Whose Base Camp is at Level 3.

Players have to follow the game guide to complete relevant tasks when their base camp is at level 1 or 2. However, from the level 3, they can develop it according to their own wishes. But at the beginning of this game, many players are not familiar with it. Here are some detailed strategies to help player save time.
In the stage of level 1 and 2, players can upgrad their building in a very short time. But in level 3, the meaning of VIP begins to play its role. So, it is strongly recommended here that players should at least open a VIP3, which will not only help them get more construction sequences, but also give them more free construction time. Besides, they can also receive good building materials in the daily treasure chest. As for players, the help is great.

Building priority

It is recommended that players can firstly upgrade the industrial buildings that require short time. In this way, they can get more building materials. Then they can upgrade the training ground so as to enhance the strength of the unit. The picture below shows the time and resources that are required for building upgrading. In addition, it also shows the improvement of population boom after upgrading the building. Players are advised to build in the sequence of industry, economy, other, and weapon so that they can quickly create more resources and accumulate more silver krona. The pub needs a small file, which can be obtained by players through trade when their base camp is at level 3. When lacking the silver krona, players can directly ignore the upgrading. For those players who like battling, they can upgrade the training ground right away after completing the industrial building so as to enhance the military strength.

In the weapon workshop, I recommend players to sneak the tool workshop so that extra loot can be obtained. In addition, the catapults made by the chariot workshop are actually useless in attacking the bandits. In the siege war, the priority target is the city wall. After breaking one wall, players will attack the remaining ones. In this way, a waste of firepower could be caused. Besides, the invaders would also easily be destroyed by the soldiers on the remaining sections. The Havoc Master and archer in the Magic Energy Workshop are the arms of same type, and the price of them is very high. But, personally, I would recommend the archer.
At this stage (the upgrade of pubs is not sufficient), players need a total of 160 pine boards, 100 limestone bricks, 50 thick leather ropes. Although the construction time is very long, if the players join the alliance, their allies can help them to accelerate the construction of the building. So, including the construction free time and the time required to accumulate building materials, players can basically reach the population boom required for camp level 4 in one day.

Current considerations

In the early stage of level 3, players need to choose factions. In the money empire, they can build more economic buildings; in industrial giant, they can build more industrial buildings; and in the warmonger, they can build more weapons buildings. Players who choose the money empire or industrial giant can make a lot of trade. And the acquisition of silver krona for them is relatively simple. The difference between money empire and industrial giants is that players in the money empire need to be online for a long time, and always pay attention to the changes in the acquisition of resources in neutral cities; in addition to trade with neutral cities, industrial giant can also develop rapidly by producing high-grade building materials, and trading with other players. Even though players in the king of war can complete a large number of battle supplies, carry out large-scale continuous operations, obtain a large amount of resources, accelerate time, experience potions, and rapidly improve urban development, but their population will be easily consumed in large quantities.

Industrial Giant level 2 requires players to build two sawmills and two wood workshops. It is recommended that players firstly finish this task. After upgrading to Industrial Giant level 3, players can delete one of each, and convert it into a hunting lodge and leather processing workshop so as to maximize the benefits at the early stage.

At this stage, there will be a large amount of silver krona being consumed if the players finished builds 80 walls. Therefore, it is recommended that the player use the construction method as shown in the figure to build the city wall and the city gate first, and then put the archer on the wall for defense. The building of city wall will not increase the urban population. If the player lacks silver krona, then they don’t necessarily need to build too much.

In the stage of camp level 3, it’s better for players to upgrade the camp to level four and obtain more building materials. Then they can build technology research institute to develop technology. It’s also good for players to upgrade dwellings as much as possible. Because the construction time of the dwellings is short, and the upgrade materials are few, which is a very good way for the players increase population boom. Therefore, it is recommended that the players must upgrade the all dwellings at the late stage of camp level 3.


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