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The Consequence of Being Defeat and the Development Guidelines after that in ...

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The Landlord
The Consequence of Being Defeat and the Development Guidelines after that in Game Legend: Rising Empire

As is known, wars are one of the charms in this game. Therefore, it is inevitable for players to launch them. Of course, the victory of war is pleasing, but there are always times of being defeated. Then, how should players develop themselves after the defeat? I’m here to bring you some guidelines, please come and check it out!
First, the consequences of defeat
The players’ city will suffer a huge loss after defeat, which mainly includes:

1. the decrease of morale
The morale of the main castle will decrease when players lose the war. When it drops to 0, the city’s defense will be ruined and relocated to a random city. And the players will be penalized by not being able to dispatch troops and caravans. Slowly, the morale will get restored. Players will be free from the penalty when the morale reaches 1.

2. resource loss
The defeated party will lose a lot of resources, silver krona as well as a large number of defensive soldiers.

3. the loss of urban durability
With the player’s city being compromised, its durability of the defensive buildings will be minimized as well. And the maintenance of these buildings requires a large amount of silver krona.

Second, the development guidelines after the defeat
As the defeat has brought a blow to the city. If we want to make a comeback and re-development, the following points are necessary:

1. turn on the protection mode
In the defeated city, there are neither abundant soldiers, nor high durability of the urban defensive buildings. Therefore, the city will be easy to be despoiled by other players without turning the protection mode on. So, we must never forget to turn the protection mode on in the redevelopment stage.

2. pay attention to urban production while being penalized
Because the army and caravan cannot be dispatched in the stage of morale penalty, players can only rely on the city's own production if they need to develop at this time. It is recommended that players turn the urban layout into a development class, and place the production buildings near the main castle and the minor storehouse so as to accelerate the resources acquisition.

3. relocate the city and develop trade and military after penalty
When the morale penalty is over, players would be able to dispatch their army and caravan. At this time, it is better to relocate the city to the assembly area of the alliance, so that it will become safer. With the protection of the alliance, they don’t have to turn on the urban protection mode all the time.

4. pay attention to the daily quest and activity rewards
It requires a lot of resources for the redevelopment. Thanks to the daily quest and activity rewards, the defeated players can obtain rich development materials. So, we must pay attention to them.

Well, the above is all the guidelines I want to share with you today. Hopefully, these will help you!


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