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Trade Risks and Skills in Game Legend: Rising Empire

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The Landlord
Trade Risks and Skills in Game Legend: Rising Empire

In the game, trade is often accompanied by risks. If players do not notice these risks, it is easy to cause resource loss. So, today I’m going to summarize the trade risks and skills here. Come and check it out!

First, trade risks
There are two main risks when during the trade, one is from other players, and the other is from price changes.

1. the risk of other players intercepting our caravans
In the process of trade, if the target city is far away, then the dispatched caravan will have to travel long distances to reach there for trade. And on the way to the target city, it will pass through many places that are close to other players’ city. If those players want to intercept you, it will be easy for them to do so. Under that circumstance, the intercepted caravan will lose some of the items it carries.

2. the risk of material price changes
In the game, players may raise the procurement price because of their urgent needs for purchasing certain materials, or they may sell their goods in a very low price for the urgent need of silver krona. Sometimes, after buying the urgently needed materials at a high price, players may find that those are cheaper in other cities. All these actions are made because players fail to adequately obtain the information, which results in the waste of their resources. For trade, it is a loss-making business.

Second, trade skills
The trade skills here are to help players avoid these trade risks as much as possible, to secure the trade and to bring better development to the player city. In order to deal with the two risks mentioned above, we have the flowing skills:

1. Skills to avoid other players interception
We shall take the principle of proximity when buying materials. Because the closer the caravan is to the target city, then the less time the caravan trade will take. In this way, the opportunity for other players to intercept our caravan will be minimized!

Of course, if you must trade long distances, the best choice is to choose military escorts, which can better ensure the caravan’s safety.

You can also buy marching speedup items when necessary, which can not only shorten the time spent on trade, but also help you get rid of the other troops when you are targeted by them.

2. Skills to deal with price changes
It is common that there will be differences on resource prices. Faced with those changes, what we need to do is to shop around instead of buying them right away and to obtain sufficient trade information. In this way, players can sometimes find the cheap and good resources they need among those cities.

Okay, that’s all the skills I want to share with you today. Hopefully, they will be useful!


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