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Tips & Tricks for Bandit Battles & Rewards

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The Landlord
      Did you notice that bandits are everywhere on the map? Battling them can be quite troublesome and result in high losses of troops. Therefore, today we will go through how to defeat bandits and get good rewards out of it.  

The Difference of Bandits

      According to the rank, bandit levels range from lv.1 to lv.10. The difficulties grow as the bandits’ level grows. Therefore, the higher level the bandits are, the more pressure players will face as they engage in battles with them.

Different Rewards For Same Level Bandits

      Though they all may be level 1 bandits, the awards for defeating them sometimes are quite different.

      As the picture shows, if player defeats this lv.1 bandit, he/she may obtain: Speedup (30 mins), Recruitment (10), 300 Silver Crowns, Protection (8hr), Light Lumber (40), Light Lumber (4).

      As it is also the lv.1 bandit in the picture, if players defeat it, the awards are much more than the previous picture. Players may obtain the 6 types of materials in the picture, and other items such as: Recruitment (10), Silver Crown (300), Protection (8hrs), Light Lumber (40) and Light Lumber (4).

      The previous awards by defeating bandits belong to the development of buildings and technology of the player, and the later awards tend to the development of military and weapons. Therefore, players have better to select different bandits to defeat according to their own needs. Also, with the growth of the bandit’s level, players can obtain more awards by defeating them.

Lv. 1 Bandit

      Lv. 1 bandit has lowest difficulty; they have two types of units (archers and spearman randomly) with numbers around 4 to 6, players can win the battle after eliminating the units.

      Tips for battle: Lv.2/Lv.3 spearman + archer, just tap the icon of bandits to eliminate them (players also can play it in auto mode without any troop loss)

Lv. 2 Bandit

      Compared to lv. 1 bandits, the difficulties of defeating lv. 2 bandits are twice as difficult. There are three units in their troops, two units of spearman and one unit of archers. They are much stronger than lv.1 bandits.

      Tips for battle: Kill the archers first! If players only have spearman and archers, kill the archers first, than the spearman; if players have heavy cavalryman, the troops lost will be reduced by about 70%.

Lv. 3 Bandits

      The lv.3 bandits begin to be a watershed in the battle. Cavalryman can change the tide of battle. If players want to win, they also need to train cavalryman, otherwise you will pay a huge price to defeat your enemies by using only spearman and archer.

Tips For Battle

      The players have to train cavalryman first. If there is no cavalryman, fighting with lv.3 bandits is not recommended, because the cavalryman unit of bandits can easily break the formation made by spearman and archers, which will cause great losses.

      If players have cavalryman, the priority is to defeat archers, then cavalryman if fighting with the cavalryman of bandits. Finally, the lord eliminates spearman by using their own spearman and archers.

      From the bandits above lv.3, each level of the bandits will be more difficult to defeat; the difficulties of updating units will also increase. You’ll need to find out on your own how to best defeat them, so we can preserve some of the mystery surrounding higher end combat ;)

      That’s all about the tips of how to defeat bandit under level 3, more information you can check the official forum of ‘Glory of Empire’!


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