Title: Legend: Rising Empire The Refinement of Attendant and Refining Skills [Print this page]

Author: Hamburger    Time: 2018-12-5 11:16
Title: Legend: Rising Empire The Refinement of Attendant and Refining Skills
Legend: Rising Empire The Refinement of Attendant and Refining Skills

Attendant system is of powerful functions in this game. Only when players have many attendants, can their warfare effect be greatly increased. Therefore, the training of attendants is very important. Since the refinement of attendants is the most important part in the training, so what I bring to you today is about the refinement of attendant and refining skills.

First, the purpose of refinement
To refine the attendants means to get their basic information refined, which is to renew their attribute. As we all know that the starting attribute of each attendant is different, but it has an upper limit. Our ultimate purpose of the attendant's refinement is to make their attribute approach that limit. Thereby, we can maximize the use of the attendant attribute’s effect.

Second, the effect of basic information
All attendants have four attributes, namely, bravery, endurance, agility, and engineering. Different attribute brings them different effect:
1. Bravery: improve the attack power of all soldiers in the army  
2, Endurance: improve the vitality of all soldiers in the army
3, Agility: improve the marching speed of all soldiers in the army
4. Engineering: improve the siege damage of all soldiers in the army and improve the durability of all defense facilities when the city is under garrison.

Third, conditions for refinement
The prerequisite for refinement is that there must first be an attendant. Secondly, each refinement requires a certain amount of baptism water. The requirement for the amount of baptism water varies according to the rarity of the attendant. For example, it needs one bottle of baptism water for the rare attendant, three for the epic one and five for the legendary one.

Fourth, refinement skills
During the refining process, there will be an interface that shows both the original starting attribute and the new starting attribute. Each time players click the “Refine” button, the new starting attribute will be renewed again. And players can select whether to save the new attribute or not by comparing it with the former one. Or, they can also re-click the “Refine” button to refresh the attribute.

In the refining process, if there are over three starting attributes that are higher than what they were before refinement, a confirm page will show, which says: “The current refinement result will be lost if continue refining.” At that time, players must consider whether the partial increase of three starting attributes is better than the partial decrease of one attribute. Anyway, the higher the refinement attribute is, the better effect it will bring.

All those above is the introduction about attendant refinement and its skills in game Legend: Rising Empire. Hopefully, you can benefit from it.

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