Title: How to Attack Bandits in the Game Legend: Rising Empire [Print this page]

Author: Hamburger    Time: 2018-12-5 10:44
Title: How to Attack Bandits in the Game Legend: Rising Empire
How to Attack Bandits in the Game Legend: Rising Empire

There are many ways of operation in the game that are important to the players. I’m going to talk about one of them today, that is, the way of attacking bandits. Come and check it out!
If players want to attack bandits, they shall follow those steps:

1. Search for the appropriate bandit as their target
Once players entered the Favilla map, they can search for bandits there. Follow the bandit icons on the map, we can find bandits of different types and levels. Because those bandits might be far from the player city, so we need to find the right target then click it. If the one we are going to attack is improper, there will be lines which write “try challenge higher-level bandits”.

In addition, if the bandits we are going to challenge is of a higher level, the red lines will appear again showing “defeat the one lower than you first”. After clicking the search button, the system will automatically search the appropriate target bandits for you.

Except looking for bandits directly on the map, players can also search with options. For example, in the search interface, we can set the appropriate bandit or bandit camp level. After clicking the search button, the targets we’ve set will show up on the interface, which are also very close to us.

Second, attack preparation
After selecting a target, players have to prepare for attack. While preparing, they need to get their equipment and attendants well collocated, in order to make his army more powerful than the enemy. When players are ready, they can start the attack.

Third, the beginning of the battle
When the players’ army reaches the target bandits, they can click on the battle sign which will bring them to the battle field. And players can release the attendant skills to attack the bandits in that field.

Fourth, the end of the battle
When the battle ends, the victor will return to his city with the spoils and the remaining soldiers. And the specific result of this war will be sent to the player in the form of war mail, so that players can see their gains and losses according to the content of this mail.

This the whole process of bandits attacking battle. The operation methods on attacking bandits are all showed above. Hopefully, this article can help you.

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