Title: Research Institute, sequence of research for different factions [Print this page]

Author: eins628    Time: 2018-10-25 22:36
Title: Research Institute, sequence of research for different factions
      In Legend:Rising Empire, the researches being done in the Research Institute is quitestraight forward

      The technologies in the Research Institute aredivided into four categories: Economy, Industry, Weapon and Military. Differentfactions are encouraged to choose different sequence of research.
1.Money Empire faction
      Money Empire faction has to highlight itseconomic strength at the beginning. When you own lots of economic buildings inthe middle and late stages, it is essential to focus on technology in the earlystage. Only when you accelerate access to crops can you ensure adequate rawmaterials for food production which brings stable income to the empire.
      The sequence after that is food> soldierenhancement> industrial materials> weapons. You can purchase lots ofindustrial materials and weapons after establishing a strong economy and that’swhy it is suggested that you rank soldier enhancement second place.
2.Industry Giant faction
      Just like Money Empire faction, the Industry Giantshould also prioritize developing its strong areas and keep industrialmaterials sufficient
      After that the sequence would be building materials>economy>weapons>soldier enhancement. In the early stage the Industrial Giant tends to grow steadily. Therefore it is important to develop both industry and economy. You can then consider producing more weapons once you own lots of building materials. At last, enhancing your soldiers will help you gain more power in the late stage.
3.Warmonger faction
      The faction known for war power should get tough at the early stage and prioritize soldier enhancement so as to stay solid in early plundering.

      Then soldier enhancement> weapons>economy>industry. As Warmongers start many wars at the early stage they have to prepare lots of soldiers and weapons and then keep in mind of economy and industry development as well.

      That’s so much I’ve got for you. I’mlooking forward to hearing more about your advices in the comments!

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